Places in China

Information about China's many historic and picturesque cities, scenic areas, and tourist attractions

As a nation of 1.4 billion people, 3.7 million square miles, and 5,000 years of continuous civilization, China boasts an enormous number of places well worth visiting, from its bustling cities to astoundingly beautiful national parks that many Westerners have never heard of. This section of The China Guru aims to introduce some of them, especially ones that I’ve personally traveled to. As I have time to expand this section, I’ll add new places and provide information and media about them, including the following:

  • Basic facts and introductory information
  • Photos, video, and audio
  • Stories about my experiences
  • Tips, advice, reviews, and resources for travelers
  • Mandarin vocabulary lists relevant to each place
  • Links to sites with more comprehensive information

Click each link below to open the main page for that place.