Vocabulary Lists

Mandarin vocabulary lists organized by topic with Quizlet links

Learn Chinese on the Go with Quizlet or Compatible Apps

Many of the Chinese language materials on this website are also featured on my Quizlet page as vocabulary lists. Some of them are available in different formats, depending on your study goals:

  • Detailed Lists: These lists, in both Chinese character and pinyin ("Romanized" Chinese words) versions, contain all of the information about each term on the list, so you can learn about them in depth.
  • Reversible Lists: These lists, in three different versions, contain a simplified definition for each term. This more flexible format makes it easy to study the words using either the term or the definition as a prompt. With this approach, you can achieve a truly fluent level of familiarity with the material.
  • Other lists contain all three: characters, pinyin, and English definitions.

Quizlet has a number of useful features and learning modes:

  • An easy-to-use pinyin input method
  • Built-in audio pronunciations of Chinese words and their definitions
  • Options to print, export, copy, and combine word lists—customize the materials and study exactly how and what you want to study
  • Various learning and testing modes, including Flashcard, Scatter, Space Race, Speller, Learn, and Test
  • Auto-generated tests, different each time, with adjustable formats
  • Statistics that keep track of your progress and performance
  • Compatibility with Facebook to help you study with friends
  • A useful, well-designed app for Apple devices and Android devices

I promise I'm not a corporate shill for Quizlet; it's just that if you're serious about building your vocabulary, Quizlet is a very effective approach.